Ripon Troop 414 (BSA)

Boy Scout Troop 414 has been in existence for at least 3 decades and has had the privilege of guiding and developing dozens of young boys into adulthood with the knowledge and wisdom that is the Boy Scouts Of America. This tried and true curriculum has been the foundation for young men development in the outdoors for over a hundred years and is the structure by which this troop and its many volunteer leaders follow. We would not be in existence or have near the success we have had without the many volunteer parents that have come before us and have established a framework for us to build upon. Again, we exist for these boys because we believe. Troop 414 is located in Ripon California and is home based at Colony Oak School off of Murphy Road. We meet every other week and have outdoor events at least once a month. Boys who are eleven years old, have completed Webelos training, or who are ten years old and have completed the fifth grade are qualified to join. This troop is a very activity minded organization that believes that young men should be involved in every aspect of their community's development. We have multiple activities planned for every month of the year that include service projects that assist a variety of charitable organizations throughout Ripon and the surrounding areas, fund raisers that allow our troop to be as self sufficient as possible, campouts, hikes, and backpacking outings that span the entire state of California. Our chief goal, on a short term basis, is to help these boys learn the principles of Scouting one step at a time. As they mature, their challenges and responsibilities increase according to their abilities and their desire. Ultimately, we strive to make Eagle Scouts out of each and every one of them. Eagle Scout is the highest attainable rank in the Boy Scouts and is a quality much sought after by colleges and places of employment throughout the nation. Eagle Scout is a rank that takes many years of hard work and growth and only five percent of all boys that join scouting actually achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. We are Parents and we are volunteer leaders in the Boy Scouts Of America but most importantly, we are parents of the future leaders of America and we must ensure we make outstanding citizens of as many boys as we can possibly reach. Should you have any questions please feel free to call the adult leaders listed below for more information. Richard Francis (Scoutmaster) (209) 918-4871 or Crystal Wright (Committee Chairperson) (209) 604-8016